Janet Jackson Drops Video for ‘Dammn Baby’

By Hayden Wright

Since the release of her 11th studio album Unbreakable last year, Janet Jackson has taken her fans on quite an interesting ride: She scheduled a tour, postponed most of the dates and dropped major bits of family news along the way. Yesterday, outlets reported that the 49-year-old icon is expecting her first child. That may explain why she chose the moment to drop her new video, aptly titled “Dammn Baby.”

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The video takes a monochromatic cue from past videos like “Scream” (which she shot with her late brother Michael) and “Rhythm Nation.” Pregnant or not, Janet is in top dancing form, once again leading a triangular formation of backup dancers. The song’s lyrics don’t address family planning, but they do reveal a key romantic partnership: “A brand new movement / that started with a conversation in a café / It’s all about love.”

Jackson debuted the video at midnight on her Twitter page.

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