When one thinks of Iggy Pop, the image of an often shirtless imp leaping around onstage comes to mind. I’ll spare you the actual visual here (you’re welcome!). Iggy is back home in Detroit tonight and playing the Fox.  Born as James Newell Osterberg Jr. is often called the godfather of punk rock. Here’s 5 fun facts to get you ready for tonights show!

1. Iggy believes the internet ruined shock value: Speaking to Esquire, Iggy admitted, “Nothing’s shocking anymore. The transfer of information has become so fast, we’re at the point where even the straightest little old lady in Jonesville, South Carolina, is saying, Ah, we’ve heard about that Marilyn Manson and we know what he does at night.”

2. Iggy collaborated often with David Bowie: Bowie produced for The Stooges and for Iggy as a solo artist. One of Iggy’s albums, The Idiot, contains the original incarnation of “China Girl.” Bowie later covered this song and turned it into a Top 40 radio smash.

3. Iggy insulted Johnny Depp at their first meeting: During a joint interview in The Independent, Johnny admitted acting like a bratty 17-year-old to get Iggy’s attention: “I remember making the horrific decision in my teenage drunken state to go, ‘Well, I’ll just get his attention.’ I started going, ‘I-I-Iggy Pop, Piggy Slop,’ you know? You walked towards me and put your face about a quarter of an inch from mine and just went, ‘You little turd.’” The two later made up and became friends.

4. Iggy was invited to replace Jim Morrison: Iggy’s hedonistic ways and outlandish behavior led people to liken him to Jim Morrison of The Doors. Also adding to the comparison were their similar nicknames (Iggy was short for “Iguana” while Jim called himself the “Lizard King”). In an interesting twist, The Doors invited Iggy to join the band after Morrison’s death. Iggy declined.


5. Iggy knows there’s no money in his records: Iggy and The Stooges have always made their money primarily for touring. He told NPR, “We make an album, everybody complains for the first five years. And after about 10 years, people say, hey, you know, that’s pretty good. The money kicks in about 20 years later.”


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