“Can You Put A Pair of Lederhosen On The Wookie?”

Author: Stacey DuFord

The questions, answers, and sources from Bobby & Stacey’s Five Question Quiz for Friday, February 5.

  1. If you add the number of days in January with the number of days in February this year what do you get?

31 + 29 = 60

2. Studio Execs originally wanted Chewbacca to wear what?

During the production of Star Wars, the studio had many reservations about including such a beastly creature in what they considered a children’s film. And despite the fact that he was covered in fur, studio executives were concerned that the bandolier he wore around his chest highlighted his lack of clothing. Get the whole story (and some sketches of clothing suggestions) HERE.

3. On this date in 2007, Apple settled a trademark dispute with a company that had the name first. Who owned it?

The Beatles. See the press release HERE.

4. Bruce Springsteen saw an image in a boardwalk souvenir store. It’s the title of his first album.


5. When Bruce dissolved the E Street Band in 1989, what did he give each member?

$2 Million – More Bruce Fun Facts HERE.


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