David Bowie 1987 READ Poster To Be Re-Issued

Author: Bobby Mitchell

It was kind of a nerdy version of Bobby & Stacey’s Five Question Quiz this morning. Don’t feel bad if you were playing along and didn’t know all the answers.

  1. Like Patti LaBelle and Paul Newman, Aretha Franklin plans to do what?

Aretha is starting her own line of food. She will specialize in comfort foods like chili, gumbo, baked chicken and desserts. Yum!

2. This angle is less than 90 degrees and sorta good-looking.

An acute angle. (See what we did there?) Brush up on your elementary geometry HERE.

3. What do Ric Flair, Jim Leyland, and Tom Brady have in common?

They were all at the University of Michigan Signing Day extravaganza #signingwiththestars on Wednesday. In case you missed it (and have 2 1/2 hours to kill) the video is below.

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4. The National Library Association is re-issuing a poster from 1987 …. featuring who?

The American Library Association is re-releasing their classic 1987 poster of David Bowie who was an avid reader. The iconic poster features Bowie in a letterman jacket leaping through the air while reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot. The poster adorned the walls of school libraries in the ‘80s and ‘90s and was one of the first in the ALA’s READ campaign, which has promoted literature since 1985 and featured celebrities posing with their favorite books. The posters are available for pre-order now. Get yours HERE.

5. After seeing this rock icon in concert in May 1977, Bruce Springsteen sent a demo of his Fire to who – hoping he’d record it?

He sent a copy to Elvis, who passed away just a few months later. Lots more Springsteen trivia HERE.

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