David Lee Roth’s Rock Howl Appears in New Acura Super Bowl Ad

By Amanda Wicks

When it comes to advertisements, sometimes it’s best to let the product speak for itself. Or in this case, sing. Acura released their Super Bowl 50 ad for the new Acura NSX, and the car company drew on Van Halen ‘s “Runnin’ With the Devil” to make its point.

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Rather than use the song for the entire 30-second spot, however, Acura went a slightly different route. The ad’s first 18 seconds contain only David Lee Roth‘s notorious rock howls. Heard over sleek and colorful images of the Acura NSX being shaped and constructed, it sounds as though Roth’s excited shrieks are really exclamations about the car.

A title card reading, “What he said,” segues into the full song.

Per Radio.com‘s guide to David Lee Roth noises, the commercial contains a clever mix of Roth Calls and Shred Hype to showcase what makes the Acura NSX such a sexy sports car. Of course, since it retails to the tune of $156,000, one would have to be a rock god before ever test driving one (via New York Times).

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