How to Enjoy Your Family on Thanksgiving

Holidays can be really hard on some people. Some of the biggest arguments happen around the holidays. Here are some helpful tips on how to survive your family and actually enjoy them!

1. Give up your need to fix your family. 

Often, all of us have this unspoken belief that we are the only normal ones in our family. Everyone else in our family is broken and we can fix them. We can fix how they parent their kids. We can fix how they spend their money. We can fix their marriage problems. We can fix their singleness and dating problems. We can fix them. But, you need to just accept your family members for who they are and what they add to your life (maybe a different perspective? Entertainment? )  It’s your job just to love your family not fix them!

2. Play a game! 

Break out a fun and easy game before or after dinner!  Focusing on playing the game means your family is more than likely to avoid confrontation and topics to avoid such as politics.

3. Display Patience 

The holidays are a great time to embody a good holiday spirit and practice being patient.  Take a deep breath, count silently to 10, remove yourself from the room, smile (even if you don’t feel like it) and then try to think of #5 in this list.

4. Reminisce: Do your homework before you head home. Arrive with memories of family fun to spark laughter and bonding with your siblings and parents. Sure, your siblings may annoy you as adults, but you had tons of fun as kids. “Remember the time we built that igloo in the yard and hid from mom when the school bus came?” “Remember the time the neighbor’s dog followed us home and peed on dad’s boots?” “Remember when Uncle Dave…” Engage your family members in reliving (positive) family moments.

5. Cherish the time you get to spend with family. 

We aren’t guaranteed time; it’s on loan to us.  Cherish the time you spend with your family. Take in every moment and enjoy the holidays – you’re making memories.



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