Deer Season Is Approaching – What Should You Be Thinking About Now?

As deer hunting season approaches here in Michigan, here are some tips to keep in mind!
1.)  Realize that deer season starts in the spring.  Hunting should be a group activity and you should always bring a child if you happen to have one handy. Right after the snow melts and the leaves are still off of the trees is a great time to scout for next season.  This is a great time to teach kids about the intricacies of being a woodsman and an even better time to look for sheds.  The more work you put in the pre-season, the better results you will have when deer season arrives and its time to start hunting!
2.) Practice!  Practice! Practice!  We as hunters owe it to the game we intend to harvest to make sure you can make the shot when the moment of truth arrives.  Weather you are a bow hunter, gun hunter, or hunt with a muzzle loader you need to take the time to know your equipment and know where your limits are.  You cannot just pick up your bow or gun after a year and expect to make a ethical shot.  This too should be a fun experience you can share with your family or friends, even if they do not like to hunt.
Practice your shot!
3.) Dress for the weather and be prepared. Nothing ruins a hunt faster than getting wet and cold. When Nov. 15th arrives, you should be prepared to hunt all day. During that time of the year, bucks will be searching for does at all hours.  Just fall back to the old saying “you can’t get your buck if you are not in the woods.”
4.) Make sure you are well rested and can stay alert.  Many bucks have walked by many hunters and have made it through because some hunters are fast asleep. In many instances, you only have one opportunity on the big bucks don’t waste that opportunity by being fast asleep in your stand.
5.)  HOLD IT TOGETHER!  When the moment arrives, take a deep breath and make your shot.  You will have lots of opportunity to shake, hyperventilate, and freak out AFTER you make your shot.
Deer hunting is a fantastic event that should be enjoyed all year long.  The ‘hunt’ starts when you step foot into the woods and begin preparation for the following season and culminates when you are feeding your family the fruits of your labor.  Remember to have fun and enjoy all the moments that come through the adventure of big game hunting and taking a kid hunting. Above all, be safe.
**This article was written by Holly Hutton’s husband who is an avid hunter and outdoorsman.
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