Joe Elliott Says Def Leppard’s Hysteria Tour was ‘Exhausting’

By Tim Staskiewicz

Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll are pretty much synonymous with each other, but when it comes to Def Leppard in the late 80s, most of the former two were just for show.

A new interview with the band’s frontman, Joe Elliott reveals that the lads were too tired to party during their Hysteria world tour.

“By the time when we were in the round in ’87, ’88, it was such an exhausting two and a half hour show, we just wanted to go to bed! We knew it was gonna be hard work to match an album like Hysteria live, because there was so many overdubs,” Elliott tells Maxim magazine.

“It’s like Queen learning how to play Bohemian Rhapsody live, without using tapes on the middle bit. So we were really focused on what we did. All the other stuff was like, pretend, really.”

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Elliot explained that all of the really wild stuff happened on the band’s first tour when Def Leppard opened for Ted Nugent and The Scorpions.

“We had a half hour on stage and 23 hours to kill before the next gig, no money, and the girls bought you beer,” he said to Maxim in the interview.

At this stage of the game, Elliot believes it’s still all about the music that Def Leppard puts out.

“If I don’t drink, I don’t care. I don’t do drugs. I’m married, I don’t do groupies,” he explained to Maxim. “It’s the music. I know I’m f—ing boring, but I’m real. I’m human.”

Elliott and the band release their self-titled album on October 30th, and will return for another leg of their U.S. tour in 2016, which features a stop at nearby Mohegan Sun in February.

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