Instagram Turns Five; Which Accounts Make the Top 10?

By Brad Haynes

Today marks the photo/video social network’s fifth anniversary, and to celebrate, we’re taking a look at the current top 10 Instagram accounts.

With the constant shifts in popularity, it doesn’t take long for #1 to become #5…or possibly #50!

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It wasn’t long ago that Beyonce was #1 on the list, but that isn’t the case anymore. Another singer has nabbed that elusive #1 position.

Strangely enough, one family recently dubbed America’s First Family by Cosmopolitan magazine, winds up with a total of FOUR family members making the list.

And when it comes to Instagram, in Beyonce’s own words, “Who runs the world? Girls!” Only one male celeb ended up making the list of the top 10 Instagram accounts. Check them all out below.

10. Khloe Kardashian- 33.2 million followers

9. Nicki Minaj- 35.2 million followers

8. Kendall Jenner- 38.1 million followers

7. Kylie Jenner- 38.2 million followers

6. Justin Bieber- 40.3 million followers

5. Ariana Grande- 44.7 million followers

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