5 Things You Shouldn’t Give Facebook, But Likely Already Have

By: Holly Hutton

Some things are meant to remain private, and that especially hold true with social media.

There are personal tidbits you shouldn’t be giving Facebook, but likely already have.

Below are five of the biggest no-nos:

1. Your phone number

It’s a really bad idea to add your home or cellphone number to your Facebook page. Prank callers, stalkers, scammers and identity thieves would love to use this information against you.

Not only that, but there’s a Facebook trick that works pretty much most of the time. Anyone can use your phone number to search and find your Facebook page.

2. Your home address

Don’t post your home address on Facebook – this includes in an event you’ve created.  Your home address makes it easier for a thief to find your house especially right after you’ve posted that picture of your brand new TV.

3. Anything work-related

By leaving information on your Facebook that reveals where you work, you leave yourself open to someone being able to do a search for employees from your job and they may find a post or photo they don’t like.  Also, if a hacker wanted to figure out how to break into your workplace’s computers, you may be the first one to target.

4. Your relationship status

There are scammers who look for what is called “sweetheart scams”. They use social media, email and dating sites to create a romantic connection and then try to swindle you out of money. “Single” or “It’s complicated” opens yourself up to these type of scammers.

5. Your payment information

You keep your bank and credit card info as secure as possible and Facebook is no different. You can check if you have finanical information on Facebook by clicking the upside-down triangle in the top right corner and choose “Settings.” In the left column select “Payments,” and then on the right go the “Account Settings” tab. You can see if you have any saved payment information and remove it.

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