KISS/Aerosmith Back To School Items and Rock War

Author: Beau Daniels

Do you think your kids would be interested in Aerosmith and KISS back to school items? Evidently there is still some money to made in merchandising that stuff. Ultimate Classic Rock reports that the officially licensed merchandise includes water bottles, backpacks and other apparel. I could see that selling only in the seventies, but I assume there is a new generation of fans for them.

The story goes on to tell about the two bands touring together in the past and not getting along so well. Steven Tyler seemed to think KISS was below them, “They’ve got a couple of hits, but they’re more the comic book, you see them in their speckled faces.” Wow, Paul Stanley, hit back, “Steven insisted that they close the show. I really didn’t care because one way or the other you have to come up onstage. He was looking down his nose a bit at Kiss. Seeing him come onstage to an underwhelmed audience and seeing people walking out made me smile.” I love real rock wars.

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