Jeff Foxworthy Stole Wayne Newton’s Act? [Listen]

Author: Bobby Mitchell
Jeff Foxworthy told the Bobby & Stacey show about seeing Wayne Newton in Las Vegas and trying to joke around with him back stage. Apparently even famous comedians can’t joke around with big stars.
Jeff Foxworthy’s Funny Show Biz Story: Backstage With Wayne Newton in Vegas. (#Awkward)
“Years ago I went to see him… He starts the show in a rocket ship and he’s in a space suit, and the laser hits, then he’s in a tuxedo! So after the show we went down to the dressing room and met him and I said, ‘Wayne, I’m not saying you stole it, but that’s the way I open my show…thinking he was gonna laugh — and I thought he was gonna punch me right in the face – he thought I was accusing him of stealing!'”
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