Warren Haynes on the Confederate Flag: ‘You Don’t Need a Symbol to Be Proud of Who You Are’

Today (July 6) South Carolina’s General Assembly meets to discuss what to do with the rebel flag that has flown over some part of the Statehouse for more than 50 years. It promises to be an emotional debate, and several other states that utilize some iteration of the Confederate flag will surely be paying attention.

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Emotions on both sides of this debate run high. Those in favor of the flag feel that it does not represent any kind of racism, that instead it symbolizes Southern pride. Those against the flag obviously disagree vehemently. This past week there were clashes in South Carolina between protesters on both sides of the argument.

Last week, Radio.com spoke to Warren Haynes, a former member of the Allman Brothers Band and a native of North Carolina, which took down the Confederate flag from its own state Capitol building in 2013.

Haynes doesn’t hesitate when asked his take on the flag.

“I’ve been in favor for a long time of getting rid of any public display of the rebel flag,” Haynes tells Radio.com.

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He does admit, though, that “there are still a lot of people who only associate it with positive thoughts, and the South, and Southern music.”

Read more of Warren Haynes’ thoughts on the Confederate flag on Radio.com

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