Ozzy Osbourne in ’92: ‘There’s No Chance of Me Rejoining Black Sabbath’ [VIDEO]

On Minimation, we comb through the CBS Radio interview archives and animate interviews with legendary artists. In this interview from 1992, Ozzy Osbourne says that he would never join Black Sabbath again. 

To paraphrase the 1983 James Bond film, “Never Say Never Again.” Or, to paraphrase the mighty Black Sabbath, “Never Say Die.”

For years, the band’s iconic frontman, Ozzy Osbourne, was continuously asked whether or not he’d rejoin the legendary group, despite the fact that he’d sold millions of albums and headlined arenas as a solo artist.

But in this 1992 radio interview, a fan called in and asked the question again. Ozzy’s answer? “There’s no chance of me ever joining Black Sabbath again.”

Did that 1992 pronouncement turn out to be true?




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