6 Times ‘True Detective’ Star Vince Vaughn Wasn’t Funny at All

By Scott T. Sterling 

When it comes to Vince Vaughn‘s onscreen persona, the towering movie star (he stands at 6’5″), has developed a widely recognized archetype: fast-talking, casually foul-mouthed and, at his best, hysterically funny.

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Thanks to the success of raunchy R-rated comedies like Old School and Wedding Crashers, Vaughn’s disarmingly quick-witted style has become his calling card, landing him in a long line of big-screen comedies to varying results (recent movies like The Internship and Unfinished Business underperformed both critically and commercially).

Given the actor’s preponderance for funny movies, it’s easy to be unaware that once upon a time Vaughn was groomed for brooding lead dramatic roles, playing grizzled detectives and even cunning, pathological criminals.

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With Vaughn returning to his dark and dramatic side alongside Colin Farrell for the second season of HBO’s critically acclaimed crime series True Detective (debuting this Sunday, June 21)—not to mention generating his own drama with recent controversial remarks about gun control—we take a look back at his history of not being funny at all.

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