Van Halen Trying To Stop Hagar From Performing Songs He Wrote With Them

Author: Beau Daniels

Should Sammy Hagar be allowed to perform songs he wrote with Van Halen? David Lee Roth will not perform the Hagar/Van Halen songs while he tours with the group. I’m sure Hagar has a strong desire to perform on his solo tour the mega hits he wrote while with Van Halen. UCR is reporting Hagar as saying that Eddie and Alex Van Halen are trying to block him from performing those songs.

Hagar does tour with a band called Circle which includes former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. The story has Sammy as saying, “I feel obligated, because listen, we sold 40 million, 47 million records, whatever it was together. We had all those Number Ones. Those are great songs, ‘Right Now.’ ‘When It’s Love.’ ‘Finish What Ya Started.’ These are great songs that need to be played for the people that supported it during the era, and it actually irritates me when those guys try to act like it never happened.”

This feud will never die. See more flames here.

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