‘Jurassic World’ Makes $511.8 Million Opening Weekend, Shatters Records

Jurassic World promised to go bigger than it’s predecessors, and in one area it certainly succeeded—the box office. Jurassic World—fourth in the Jurassic series—just scored a walloping $511.8 million in its first weekend, making it the highest global opener of all time.

Domestically, it swallowed up $204.6 million, no mean feat in itself. That number places it second behind The Avengers for highest domestic opening.

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It was a perfect storm: 90’s nostalgia, incredible CGI, avid Chris Pratt fans, jacked up 3D prices, and a hint of Spielberg magic took the premiere over the top. Industry experts were astounded at the numbers.

“This over-performed in a way that I’ve never seen,” said Paul Dergarabedian, Senior Media Analyst at the tracking company Rentrak in an interview with Billboard.

What did he say about Chris Pratt?


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