By: Holly Hutton

I’m pretty sure my cat loves me but sometimes I’m not so certain. Here’s a list that may help you determine just how your cat feels.

  1. Special “gifts”

These “gifts” are definitely not what many would consider as valuable. Cats are hunters by nature and often bring their kills to you as a gift. These gifts can be in the form of dead birds or rats. Take their gifts as a token of love, even if it isn’t pretty.

  1. Stomach Flashing

If your cat flashes its stomach at you, it means you’re pretty special. Cats are extremely proud animals and only lie on their backs to flash it’s stomach to people who they feel relaxed with. During their stomach flashing, they also have their guards down so it’s important that they feel safe and loved.

  1. Head Butt

When cats head butt you, they are actually leaving traces of their pheromones on your face. This is a considered a really big thing to cats and acts as a way to claim their “ownership” on you. Surrounding cats that smell these pheromones will know that you are “taken”.

  1. Biting

A cat will give you a bite that signifies their love and affection. These bites are not meant to hurt or kill and should not be too hard. The bites are more like nibbling and should feel ticklish.

  1. Always following & staying around you

Cats will follow and stay around people they love. Some cat owners may mistake this behavior as being disruptive or disturbing, but in actuality they only want to be near to their owners. Cats tend to appear indifferent but if she’s always nearby, you know it’s all an act.

  1. Kneading

Cats learnt this behavior of affection from their mothers when they were kittens. When a cat kneads you, it’s really loving you in the way it’s mother did. They also tend to do this while drifting into dream land.

  1. Twitching Tail Tip

Cat’s tails are clues to how they are feeling. Certain movements of the tail can indicate very different moods. When they have their tail up and twitch the tip it around you, they think the world of you.

  1. Purring

Cats purr for many reasons, happiness is one of them. If your cat purrs everytime you give it attention, it’s very likely that they have grown extremely attached to you.

  1. Eye contact

Eye contact is only reserved for people they are comfortable and familiar with. Getting eye contact from your cat is a very good thing. If you ever catch your cat giving you eye contact coupled with slow blinks, give them one back in return. That’s actually the cat’s version of a kiss.


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