Rolling Stones: Rehearsal Zip Code Is LA

Author: Jim Johnson

The Rolling Stones bring their “Zip Code” tour to Comerica Park here in Detroit July 8th.  Meanwhile, the Stones are rehearsing in Los Angeles for the tour, which starts May 24th down Interstate 405 in San Diego. Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts flew over together from London, while Mick Jagger and Keith Richards arrived separately.

While the Stones have been on and off the road the past few years, Keith tells us they won’t know have a plan worked out until they are all in the rehearsal space. “Once you start rehearsing then a certain shape starts to take place,” says Keith. “It’s rather an instinctive thing.”

The Stones will be doing 15 shows, wrapping up July 15th in Quebec, Canada.

Ronnie Wood and his wife Sally were greeted by fans as they arrived in LA:

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