Bret Michaels Is Making Bro Country, Too: Watch His ‘Girls on Bars’ Video

Bret Michaels—best known as the lead singer of Poison—has been involved in country music since at least 2003, when he was a judge on Nashville Star. He’s since released several solo albums of twangy, boozy, finger-lickin’ country rock.

Now he’s back with an all new single. “Girls on Bars” presents a very simple thesis: “boys like girls dancing on bars, and girls like boys driving fast cars.” Very hard proposition to argue with.

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He follows up his primary argument with a supplemental point of rhetoric expanding on the framework of his primary case: “Hot chicks, cold beer, both feel good when they hit your lips.” Good luck arguing otherwise.

The video features clips of office drudgery interspersed with shots of Bret Michaels and a bunch of women in cowboy boots letting loose in a small-town bar.

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