Sammy Hagar Tee’s Off On Van Halen

Author: Beau Daniels

With Van Halen’s tour supporting a new album, I have been curious what Sammy Hagar’s take on the band is, especially since he is no longer with them. Ultimate Classic Rock gives us the feedback from Hagar’s reaction on the album, “They’ve got some pretty rough vocals. I try to stay away from criticism, but here I am, already starting this interview with it. It’s impossible to stay away from. Standing back, I’m just going, ‘What the (expletive) are these guys thinking?’”

There always seems to be some sort of riff between Van Halen with Roth or Hagar. Hagar adds more fuel to the fire, “I’m trying to tread lightly on the whole thing. Every time they do something, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, can these guys do anything worse to their reputation and to the level of the music of the band?'” Personally I’m split, I prefer Van Halen live with Sammy Hagar, but recorded with David Lee Roth.

Hagar has a new album coming out with Michael Anthony formerly of Van Halen, so expect the hype machine to continue.

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