Honda Pulls April Fools Prank with Selfie Car

by Jay Tilles

It turns out Honda is funny.

The auto giant released a video today titled The HR-V Selfie Edition featuring an upgraded version designed with millennials in mind. Forget the sports or luxury packages with bigger wheels or leather interior. The Selfie Edition is designed to let everyone know who’s driving it—you.

“Honda prides itself on always being at the forefront of the latest automobile technologies,” begins the video’s description. “That’s why we’re proud to announce the all-new HR-V Selfie Edition. With 10 cameras across the interior and exterior, the HR-V Selfie Edition allows drivers to snap self-portraits while the car is in Park. Watch the video above for a demonstration from our beta-tester, Ashley. #HRVSelfie

This isn’t the first time Honda has tried its hand at a promoting parody product. In 2012, it took a jab at hipsters with its video for “FitKit,” a drone-delivered kit containing hundreds of parts that allows car buyers to build a Honda Fit with their own hands.

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