Peter Frampton: Vintage Songs Re-imagined Acoustically (Video)

Author: Jim Johnson

The Frampton/Cheap Trick tour arrives at the DTE Energy Music Theater July 12th!

Peter Frampton posted on his Facebook page that he’s currently re-recording “an album’s worth” of his older music on just acoustic guitar and piano. Frampton posted a photo of the intricate mic setup in his Nashville studio with a “Geek Alert” advisory. No release date has been announced for the still-untitled set, which will be the follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed mini-album, called Hummingbird In A Box – Songs From The Ballet.

With nearly 50 years of recordings under his belt, we pressed Frampton about the prospects of him finally compiling a complete and exhaustive career-spanning box set of his own: “We did the Shine On: A Collection, obviously a bunch of years ago now; that’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a box set. I don’t know, y’know, with the state of the music industry, and I can tell you from the last studio album to releasing the DVD, and the three-CD set from Comes Alive 35, record sales — I can feel it — have slid further off the charts.”


CHECK IT OUT: Peter Frampton’s 1994 solo acoustic version of “Show Me The Way”:

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