Def Leppard Massive Tour And New Album

Author: Beau Daniels

Are you excited for the Def Leppard concert and new album? As I posted before the tour will not feature music from the new album util it is released, because they don’t want people getting a first impression of the music on a crappy Youtube video. But here’s what Ultimate Classic Rock is revealing about the new album. Almost complete, the album will show an experimental side of the band, but the band is going back to a way they originally recorded, according to Joe Elliott, “We set up live in the studio when we first started recording this record, which we haven’t done since ’96 and the Slang record, but we wanted to do that, because we’re such a really, really strong live band, and we really wanted to capture some of that dynamic that you can’t really do if you do it piecemeal, bit by bit — the normal way that we’d record. So we went in and just did it old school for a while.”

The tour is off the hook. These guys are blitzing the world. Along with around sixty shows in America, the tour first begins in Canada and Europe,
then hits Japan, with plans for New Zealand and Australia, finishing up in their British homeland. It goes to say that you will be hearing a lot about Def Leppard.

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