By Brian Ives

It’s no secret that Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Back in November, he revealed that he would be playing a “walker” on the show, in an episode set to air in the second half of season five. That episode airs this Sunday night (March 1) and we spoke to Ian about his cameo. (Ian will also appear on the “after-show,” Talking Dead, right after Walking Dead ends at 10 pm ET.)

Were you a fan of The Walking Dead comic book before it became a TV show?
Yes, I started reading the comic when it first came out.

How much did you actually have to practice being a “walker” before getting it right? How many takes did you have to do?
I did a Walking Dead webisode called “Everything Dies” a few years ago [watch it here] and I had to do my walk in front of one of their “professional” walkers to make sure I didn’t look stupid on camera. I nailed it. For the upcoming episode of the show I had to crawl.

In your “behind the scenes” video of your Walking Dead shoot, I noticed that one of the makeup guys was wearing a Motorhead t-shirt. Are a lot of the guys in the crew/cast metal fans and were they excited to meet you? Did they listen to music in the makeup trailer?
The guy in the Motorhead t-shirt is Garrett Immel from KNB FX [the company that provides makeup for The Walking Dead]. He’s one of the key makeup guys on the set. I think a lot of them are into rock/metal. I can’t say if they were excited to meet me, they did seem happy that I was there, and that I am a fan of what they are doing. Everyone was really cool on set and they treated me great. And yes, there was music on in the trailer, but they are always talking about the makeup they are applying, communicating with the set via radio, there are hair-dryers making noise, so it the music was just background noise.

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Did you get to bring home a souvenir from the set – did they let you keep anything from your costume?
Just my fond memories. And lots of pictures. And one of the full-head appliances — i.e. a mask — they made from my life cast.



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