Joe Elliott From Def Leppard Has No Interest In The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame

Author: Beau Daniels

What’s do you think of Joe Elliott from Def Leppard’s disinterest in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame? Huffington Post has Joe saying they would turn down an invited to be in Cleveland, “The biggest compliment I ever got was my first platinum disk because it’s a representation of 1 million people who’ve bought your album, and those million mean a lot more to me than some people that decide whether you fit for the Hall of Fame.”

I don’t think many British have in interest in Cleveland Ohio. You can throw the Sex Pistols and Ozzy Osbourne into that category. Keep in mind that a band would have to pay over ten thousand dollars just to sit at an table during the induction ceremony. Hey, I guess it’s a business.

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