No New Songs On The Def Leppard Tour

Author: Beau Daniels

Hearing that Def Leppard will not perform new songs on their tour is what I want to hear. Many of the Classic bands work new projects into a show and siphon the set list off of familiar tracks that the audience wants to hear.

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that the band does have a new album project, but does not want Youtube videos circulating before the studio stuff is released. Lead singer Joe Elliot explans more, “We come from a certain generation where it’s like we like the idea of the impact. We want people to hear it for the first time when it’s ready and when it’s right, not some crap version off somebody’s iPhone where they get to hear the melody and the stuff, but it’s just rubbish. And then they go, ‘Oh, I preferred that version to the one on the record.’ It’s like, ‘Really?’ No, we won’t be doing that.” Love it, we will have plenty of tickets to score from 104.3.

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