Barry Manilow Tells Bobby & Stacey Why He Donated A Piano To Pontiac School District

Author: Bobby Mitchell

Bobby & Stacey chatted with Barry Manilow about why he donated a piano to the Pontiac School District, how to score free tickets to his show, and why he’s not singing ALL the commercial jingles he’s written in concert anymore.  Barry also discloses how Ron and Nancy Reagan kept him from sunbathing in the nude, why the original version of Could It Be Magic was eight minutes long, and why this is his last tour.

Bobby asked Barry if he has a favorite of all the songs he’s written and you might be surprised by his answer.

Listen to the interview below. Barry will be performing at The Palace of Auburn Hills on Sunday, February 15th.  In honor of Mandy hitting the Billboard Hot 100 in 1975, ticket prices are starting at $19.75 with the specially priced tickets scattered around the auditorium.

Tickets are available at and from TicketMaster.


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