Chicago Cops Blast ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ at ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters

By Philip Cosores

Music is a powerful thing, and sometimes all you have to do is play a song to express your emotions or thoughts to someone else.

It’s hard to read this story in any other way, as some member of the Chicago police force thought it was a good idea to blast Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s “Sweet Home Alabama” at protesters supporting the “Black Lives Matter” movement in the West Garfield Park area of Chi-town. There’s even video to prove the incident happened. Watch it above.

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As Daily Kos points out, the song was originally written as a counter to Neil Young‘s “Southern Man,” which opposed issues of racism and slavery in the South’s past (and present). So, as you can imagine, blasting the song at a group of African-American protesters is a could be construed as a rather direct move of instigation.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening,” Gabriel Michael, who shot the video, told CBS Chicago. “They all appeared to be white or Latino,” he added in regards to the four offices in the car. “They seemed to be grinning inside.”


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