$18,000 For Just Laying In Bed

Author: Beau Daniels

Would you lie in bed three months for $18,000? Oddity Central reports that NASA is paying Andrew Iwanicki to do just that, and he’s already earning his stay, “My bed is in the NASA Flight Analog Research Unit in Houston, Texas, where I’m being paid $18,000 to lie down for 70 days while NASA researchers study me. I have been in this bed for three weeks now, and I will be here for seven weeks more.”

Turns out this guy is not a person who usually lays around, he’s an athlete who competed in the Iron Man competition, so why would he want to lay for three months, “I decided that I needed a break. So I put my life on hold and flew to Houston two weeks later. As I lie here, I can’t quite decide if I’ve struck gold with this scheme or if I am just a fool willing to do anything for a stack of cash.”

Imagine getting paid to just lay there.

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