Weird Al Reps Radioshack in New Holiday Ad: Watch

No, this is not a parody.

“Weird Al” Yankovic, who scored his first No. 1 album this year with Mandatory Fun, has done a non-sarcastic ad for Radioshack, the electronics store.

As for why Yankovic teamed up with a company who’s on the brink of absolution, according to some? Maybe it’s nostalgia; after all, the holidays always do bring out that feeling.

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Yankovic’s spot is filmed like his very own Radioshack music video. In it, Al plays a zealous singing employee walking a customer through the store’s “toyland.” Comparisons to Willy Wonka are inevitable, not just in the way that Al guides her through the Radioshack, but also because he’s wearing a similar purple-colored blazer.




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