Michael Myers. Jason Voorhees. Freddie Krueger. Just the mention of these names can have you shaking in your boots and placing a blanket over your head. We also can’t forget their predecessors Count Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy.

ReAction toys by Funko have designed a line of old school action figures based on the classic Kenner action figures of the 70’s and 80’s.  The figures are 3.75-inches tall, have multiple points of articulation, and price for $10.99 each.

Christopther Smith of BleedingCool.com writes, “I’m happy to report that the three Universal Monsters ReAction Figures I’ve obtained so far have been anything but disappointing, and in fact have exceeded my expectations. I get the sense that Funko and their designers have put a lot of care into these figures in particular, as the classic monsters are not only a well-loved property, but the line stands in the shadow of its predecessors.”

Other figures in the series include Pinhead from Hellraiser, Ghostface from Scream, and Eric Draven from The Crow.

ReAction also has action figures for cinema classics like Back To The Future, Alien, Escape From New York, and Goonies.

FREDDY_KRUEGER_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024 NEW_Horror_JASON_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024 NEW_Horror_HALLOWEEN_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024 NEW_Universal_CREATURE_Reaction_GLAM_39c21d67-47ec-491a-88cf-4a553a39e1b6_1024x1024 NEW_Universal_DRACULA_Reaction_GLAM_b9d66e52-da0d-405e-ae7a-1f0d68792bc7_1024x1024 NEW_Universal_FRANKENSTEIN_Reaction_GLAM_12f85578-f414-41d8-82ff-dfcb1a2ae425_1024x1024 NEW_Universal_MUMMY_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024 NEW_Universal_WOLFMAN_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024 NEW_Universal_PHANTOM_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024 NEW_Horror_PIN_HEAD_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024




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