Annie Lennox Talks Feminism, Calls Beyonce ‘Feminist Lite’

Longtime feminist and HIV/AIDS activist Annie Lennox is watching the evolution of feminism, from one generation to the next, and does not like all the things she is seeing.

In an interview with Pride Source, Lennox weighed in on her own history as a feminist activist and what she thinks of Beyoncé’s take on the movement.

She relays the story of being honored at the Barclays Woman of the Year ceremony in 2010, during which she declared herself a feminist and asked the room to stand in support of the notion — but half of the crowd remained sitting.

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“It was such a hard moment for me because I realized that some women, many women, still have issues with the word and almost distance themselves from it because they’re afraid it’s synonymous with hating men,” Lennox said.


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