Happy First Day of School!

Author: Stacey DuFord

What are you doing to celebrate the first day back to school? Stacey is going to lunch with her friends’ but Bobby‘s kids only have a half day today so he will be in full celebration mode tomorrow.  (We hear the day involves cotton candy, fireworks, and a nap.)

While it will be nice to get back into a routine (and get her son away from video games), Stacey is NOT looking forward to the long (seemingly endless) stretch of lunches that will need to be made. Why does that chore seem to turn into drudgery before any other?  She did get a break last year when her husband took up drawing on each of  the lunch bags – but he quickly figured out that he would have to make the lunch too so he started drawing a week’s worth on Sunday nights.

Let us know what you’re doing to celebrate!  And Happy Back to School Day!



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