Robin Gibb: Final Recordings To Be Released September 30th (Audio Preview)

Author: Jim Johnson

Robin Gibb‘s final recording sessions will be released September 30th by Rhino. Titled 50 St. Catherine’s Drive — after the singer’s birthplace on the Isle of Man — the 17 tracks were mainly recorded between 2006 and 2008, although they include demos recorded in July 2011, only months before his death.

His widow Dwina tells Rolling Stone the highlight is a new recording of “I Am the World,” the B-side of “Spics and Specs,” the last The Bee Gees single before they left Australia for England at the end of 1966. “He was always fond of this song and decided to record a new version for this album. In the studio, Robin and [producer] Peter-John Vettese wrote new middle-eight sections, so it is now an extended version of the original.”

Here’s a clip of the new “I Am the World,” courtesy of Rhino Records:

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