McCartney Or Clapton: Who Will Gently Retire First?

Author: Jim Johnson

Who’ll be the first to ride off into the sunset — Eric Clapton or Paul McCartney?

Getty Images/ William Lovelace
Hulton Archive

Last week an interview was published in which Clapton once again said that he’s leaning towards hanging it up soon. This same topic was then posed to McCartney who said, “Obviously, when you get to a certain age, it’s going to be on the cards. I had a manager once who advised me to retire when I was 50… But the margin has been stretched these days. The Stones go out now, and I go to their show and I think, ‘It doesn’t matter that they’re old gits. They can play great.’ And I talk to young kids who say exactly the same thing: ‘They play good.'”

But McCartney says he’s hoping Clapton will reconsider. “It would be a pity if Eric retires, because, [damn], he really plays good! But he’s that kind of guy, Eric. I can see him saying, ‘I’m going to retire.’ He’s kind of a homebody in essence. We’ve talked about this before. I remember him joking about how I stand up for the whole show. He said, ‘I sit down.’ That’s a blues player thing. But he’s just too good a player. I would say to him, ‘Yeah, by all means, sit down, Eric. But don’t retire.'”

McCartney resumes his Out There tour on August 2nd in Minneapolis, and Eric Clapton releases his tribute album to JJ CaleThe Breeze, on July 29th.

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