Genesis Reunion Rumors Cooled by Former Guitarist Steve Hackett

As you may recall, recently Genesis fans had reason to get excited when it was announced a documentary from the BBC would feature Peter Gabriel back with his old bandmates for the first time since 1975. Obviously, rumors swelled that maybe, possibly, hopefully the band would get back together.

Well, consider those rumors officially cooled.

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett unleashed the following pail of water on the fire that was the hopes of prog rock listeners everywhere.

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“To my knowledge there are no plans for a Genesis reformation including the five of us,” Hackett said on Twitter. “We only met to be interviewed for the documentary. I’m always open to the possibility of a reunion and I hope the others are too, but it’s not currently on the table.”

Of course, this assumes Hackett, who left the band in 1977, would be included in the reunion, which really focuses on Gabriel reuniting with the core trio of Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks. This also ignores the fact that the band wouldn’t turn 50 until 2017, which might make more sense for a reunion to wait until then. 50-year anniversary has a nice ring to it.


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