Queen: The Roller Coaster With Adam Lambert Begins tonight

Author: Jim Johnson

Queen + Adam Lambert start their North American tour tonight (Thursday) in Chicago. They have 24 dates through July 28th in Toronto followed by four in Australia at the end of August. This is Queen’s first North American tour since 2006 when they went out with Paul Rodgers.

The show comes to the Detroit area July 12th at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

They first teamed up when Lambert was a contestant on American Idol in 2009, but this is their first-ever tour of North America together following a one-off performance last September in Las Vegas and a run of shows in Europe in 2012. Brian May says that while the Vegas show was “inspiring, we didn’t put any plans in place at that point.” It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that the offers starting to come in and May says, “We thought maybe the stars are aligned at this point so we hit that button… It’s very exciting. You’re on the rollercoaster and you know you’re gonna be on there for the next three or four months.”

Lambert adds that doing the show in Las Vegas was a turning point because “it felt really grounded. It felt like it had become its own thing and it wasn’t me singing these records that I had heard. It was me singing on stage with the band and us working together and really feeling like a flow.”

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