By Bobby Mitchell

Bobby, Stacey, and Holly spent an afternoon at the new Adventure Park in West Bloomfield.  It’s an aerial forest park, which basically means you’re crossing bridges, walking tightropes and careening down zip lines high up in the trees.  The park opened in April and is a safe, fun, and challenging way to spend an afternoon with family and/or friends.

Bobby Mitchell says:

I loved being high in the forest canopy  at Adventure Park in West Bloomfield. It’s part Ewok Village, part circus, part trek to Everest (without the Sherpa)! The biggest thrill is ziplining from tree to tree, and the best part is knowing you’re completely safe (because you’re harnassed to a steel cable). If you have a family, you’ll like that everyone has a course that’s perfect for his or her age and skill level – so it’s a lot like skiing – there’s a hill for everyone, so to speak! But remember, just because it’s safe doesn’t mean it’s not challenging or daunting. I admired Stacey facing her fear of heights and Holly facing her fear of …uh, drops. The last bit of the blue course was almost her undoing!  Definitely worth exploring with your family, friends or co-workers!

Stacey DuFord says:

Every time I finished a challenge I just wanted to yell “I did it!” It’s a fun, challenging way to spend a couple hours and I’m definitely going back with my family.  Though, Bobby and Holly weren’t aware of my fear of heights and got a little concerned for me when we were really high and I had to focus intently to get across each challenge. But I liked that I felt really accomplished after I finished each new challenge. I spent a lot of time hugging trees even though my rational mind knew I was perfectly safe  (and you are, you are hooked up to safety lines EVERY single minute and there’s no way to get unhooked).  Even though it was scary for me, I’ll definitely do it again!  I REALLY loved the zip lines, they were my favorite part!

And finally, Adventure Park Survival Tips From Holly:

#1 – SING!!!

I had the best time and suggest when you’re visiting the Adventure Park to just SING! It really helps ease any fear of being up so high. However, I feel sorry for Bobby and Stacey who were stuck with me while I sang my way through each and every obstacle.

#2 – Wear Clothes that make you look like a Ninja.

I wore jeans.  Stacey wore an all black spandex outfit. While she navigated every rope, height and challenge she looked like a pro even while she screamed “I’m scared”.

#3 – Make friends with the Staff

Matt and Hannah were THE BEST guides.  They gave great advice and encouragement to help each of us successfully complete each level.

#4 – Wear big underwear.

The wedgie comes free with your admission to the adventure park.  The harness required for safety might have some reminded of grade school bullies. I spent the better part of the day pulling at my undergarments. It’s possible, bigger underwear might help to prevent this problem.

#5 – Don’t skip to the double black diamond level

Actually don’t even THINK you can jump to the double black diamond level. I thought that I could and was kindly convinced by the manager that I should really try the level two below the highest.  I cannot express how THANKFUL I am that I DID NOT run up to the black diamond levels. See our video to see exactly why….

Check out all the information here, and check out the video of their adventure above.





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