Documentary Rolls Out The Red Carpet With Detroit Music Royalty

Documentary Feature Film Border City Music Project will make it’s U.S. premiere on Thursday, May 29th before Detroit Music Royalty at the Emagine Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Iron Street Studio and the Detroit-based documentary team – Jon Gillies (Executive Producer, Director and Cinematographer), Dusty D’Annunzio (Co-producer) and Mark Farner (Associate Producer) filmed the 72 minute feature Border City Music Project over the course of two years throughout Detroit, Michigan; Windsor, Ontario; Boston, Massachusetts; New York, New York; and Los Angeles, California.

Border City Music Project is a stylized documentary that reverberates a detailed, well-paced conversation about the state of our modern culture; the idea that it is more than just art on a wall or music in your speakers.

The film discusses key factors that are affecting the progress and value of our shared culture; and the effects of the monopolization of the media, the democratization of technology, the slow but steady engineering of our subconscious and the combination of all of the above to bring us to a point of social dissolution that we have never seen before.

With a narrative that uses the abandoned U.S. city of Detroit and forgotten/misunderstood Canadian city of Windsor to Juxtapose the past with our current situation and asking the question of how we have arrived in our current position – all the while inspiring both conversation and awareness. Border City Music Project looks to inspire the educators and youth of this world to identify the factors that enable us to fail.

“Everything has to be turned into a system of production of value for those who dominate and control the system, which by now is an extremely narrow sector – with the financialization of the economy, the sharp concentration of wealth,” said Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy MIT. “The effect on culture is similar, but people do resist, so there is constant development of rebellious independent culture. It can be the blues. It can be jazz. It can be rap, filmmaking, it can be all kinds of things which people are just refusing to be controlled.”

Border City Music Project features interviews with some of the music and intellectual worlds best offerings: Noam Chomsky (MIT), Mark Farner (Formerly of Grand Funk Railroad), Marc Maron (Comedian), Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Kiss), John Sinclair (MC5), Philip Anselmo (Pantera, Down), Richie Hawtin (Plastikman), Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar), Kelly Hoppe (Big Sugar), Jeff Burrows (The Tea Party), Stuart Chatwood (The Tea Party), Jim McCarty (Mitch Ryder, Cactus) and Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart, Cactus).

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