Ted Nugent’s Twitter Rant Asks If Words Are More Offensive Than [Blank]

Ted Nugent asked some rhetorical questions on Twitter last night (Feb. 20), most of which kept with the theory, sticks and stones may break people bones, but words should never hurt them.

Nugent asked his 222,000 followers whether words are more offensive than several different things – there were 44 tweets that began “are words really more offensive then”– including the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hating America.

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Nugent’s Twitter rant was believed to be in response to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who said that he’s “got a problem” with the words Nugent used in relation to President Obama. Nugent – who is currently on the campaign trail with Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Texas Republican who is looking to replace the state’s current governor, Rick Perry – called Obama a “subhuman mongrel.”

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