Rare Motown Songs Released

Author: Bobby Mitchell

The quirk in British copyright law that led to last month’s releases of Beatles and Beach Boys rare recordings (The copyright for unreleased works expires 50 years after the works are recorded. By releasing the tracks on iTunes before the 50 years are up, the songs will be protected under copyright law for 20 more years.) has also resulted in a similar two-CD set of not-quite-classic soul. Motown 1963 Unreleased packs 53 tracks from the stars you know — such as Marvin Gaye, The Miracles, Temptations, Supremes, Four Tops and Stevie Wonder — with songs you most likely don’t. In all fairness,  these tracks failed Berry Gordy‘s rugged quality control tests, so – you’ve been warned. There’s a reason The Temps’ Nursery Rhyme Time and Marvin’s Talking ‘Bout the Limbo didn’t rule the airwaves. Still, if you’re looking for new ’60s Motown material, this is the closest you’ll come — until a year from now, when there will probably be another set of songs put on sale so their copyrights don’t expire.

Here’s a sample:



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