The Eagles Earn Title of ‘World’s Largest Record’ With ‘Hotel California’

To celebrate its grand re-opening later this month with six shows from The Eagles, the Los Angeles venue The Forum has turned itself into the Hotel California by recreating the Eagles’ 1977 album on its roof.

According to CBS LA, the venue has created what they’re calling the “world’s largest record” and it is in fact made of vinyl, enough to cover 5.7 acres or nearly four football fields. The record, which is 407 feet in diameter, spins at roughly 70 r.p.m. but unfortunately will not play music. This might be for the best, seeing that the song has been known to insight violence on at least one occasion.

From January 15 — when The Eagles kick-off their six-night residency — to the end of the month, passengers flying into LAX will be able to see the disc, which was built in just 10 days by the California promotion company Pop2Life. The recreation is meant to celebrate the venue’s $100 million renovation that included a new paint job, floor and 17,500 red velvet seats.


Photo courtesy The Forum/MSG Holdings)

The band kick off their six night stay at the newly reopened Forum on January 15 with additional shows on Jan 17, 18, 22, 24 and 25.


— Shannon Carlin, 

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