While we are looking forward to Paul Simon performing with Sting February 26th at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Art Garfunkel discussed the loss of his singing voice on CBS This Morning today (Friday). As part of the show’s “Note to Self” series, Paul Simon’s longtime partner touched on life lessons he’s learned, such as “singing brings joy…such a tickle in throat. Singing was my silent companion as I stepped into a room of strangers. Fame is a kick, the party’s at your house. It helps the introvert and it pays the bills.” But the emotional peak came near the end:

Art Garfunkel on why his performing career went on hold:

“I lost my singing voice three years ago. I don’t know how. It has been hard work to regain my sound and to take to the stage again. You will need to be brave to mend out in public. So you go to a lower key: ‘[sung] When you’re weary, feeling small. When tears are in your eyes [fade].”

Garfunkel has performed a few small shows the last couple of years, but has not announced a return to a steadier schedule.