McCartney: “New”….But Not Number One

Author: Jim Johnson

Despite all the radio shows, interviews and TV appearances, Paul McCartney’s “New” is not poised to hit number-one on the “Billboard” album chart when Soundscan numbers are released tomorrow (Wednesday). Pearl Jam is projected to take the top spot, with Macca somewhere in the Top 5 with roughly 75,000 copies sold.

The number-one slot has also eluded Macca in his native England ,where the album chart was topped by British vocalist John Newman. New came in third there. And down in Australia, it failed to crack the Top 20, debuting at number-22 with just 1300 copies sold in the first week.

But Macca may have a secret weapon in actor Johnny Depp, who stars in the video for the album’s next single, “Queenie Eye,” which will be out soon. This is the second McCartney video that Depp has appeared in. The first came last year, for “My Valentine,” off his “Kisses on the Bottom” album. Sir Paul has also put together a compilation video of his recent performance on Hollywood Boulevard set to the tune of “Save Us,” the first song on “New”.

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