Van Morrison‘s landmark album “Moondance” has been reissued in deluxe expanded editions by Warner Brothers.

Cover Art

Cover Art

While the outtakes and bonus tracks will draw some fans, we wanted to hear from Elliot Scheiner [pr: SHY nur], one of the engineers who worked with Morrison in New York to record the disc — and hear this thoughts on the album, then and now.

Elliot Scheiner on engineering the “Moondance” album.:

“It was a great project to work on. I mean, he’d just come off “Astral Weeks”, I think, different label. He’d just signed with Warner Brothers. He was a pleasure to work with. The music was truly great. You tend not to listen really hard while you’re doing it, you’re just trying to get it done and have it sound great. But actually paying attention to a lot of the intricacies of the songs. I didn’t really hear that until after it was all done.”

Scheiner, who followed the same career path as his mentor Phil Ramone, going from studio engineer to much-acclaimed producer, enjoyed the opportunity to help remix the album and contribute to the liner notes booklet.

Elliot Scheiner says the “Moondance” album holds up well despite being recorded more than 40 years ago:

“It was great fun to revisit the tracks and hear something you worked on such a long time ago — and have it hold up. For an engineer, the individual tracks were important so when I heard the drums. It was like, ‘Wow, they sound really good.’ They sound as good today as they did back then.”

Featuring such classic songs as “Come Running” and “Into the Mystic,” the album’s title cut has also become a radio favorite — even though Scheiner recalls the label having doubts about the song.

Elliot Scheiner recalls Warner Brothers not being sure about the title song “Moondance,” which of course, went to become a classic:

“I mean it is now, you know, you look at it and you hear it all the time. But I think when the album was released, it was questionable as to whether ‘is this really a rock and roll song? What is this?’ It was more … it had such a jazz flavor to it, it was hard to tell where you put it. What’s the marketplace for this?”

Van Morrison performs in San Francisco November 22nd and 23rd, at The Theater at New York’s Madison Square Garden on November 25th and the Big Apple’s Beacon Theater on November 26th.

If/When Van Morrison will be near the Detroit area, we’ll let you know!