Sir Paul McCartney: Hear “New” For The first Time

Author: Jim Johnson

Paul McCartney has finally announced the title and release date for his new album, and that’s exactly what it’s called, “New”. It contains 12 songs and the first single is the title track, produced by Mark Ronson and it’s very much in the vein of The Beatles’ “Got to Get You Into My Life.”

Ronson is one of several producers on the album, which will be released October 15th. It’s Macca’s first album of original material in six years. More details will be announced shortly.

Earlier in the day Macca teased the release on his Twitter page by tweeting all words that go with new – “Zealand,” “Orleans,” “sreel” (newsreel), “lyweds” (newlyweds), “fangled,” “potato,” “sworthy” (newsworthy), “moon,” “York” and “born.”

Paul McCartney tells us why he recorded a new album, which he is calling “New”.

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