Listen To Bob Dylan’s Unheard, 43-Year-Old Track ‘Pretty Saro’

In 1970, Bob Dylan recorded “Pretty Saro” six times for his Self Portrait sessions, but the song never made the album. After four decades, his rendition of the 18th century English folk song will finally see the light of day.

On August 27, “Pretty Saro” will be featured on Dylan’s Another Self-Portrait. The box set will include 35 tracks cut for Nashville SkylineSelf Portrait and New Morning.

The stripped-down track features Dylan’s familiar quivering vocals and light, finger-picked acoustic guitar. But that’s not all. Filmmaker Jennifer Lebeau has created a video for the song. Using photos from the Farm Security Administration, which is stored at the Library of Congress, her video transports the viewer back in time. Having gone through 1,200 photos from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, she created a specific tale to fit Dylan’s vocals.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lebeau opened up about what she wanted to capture in the video.

“His vocal delivery is so haunting. I wanted to be able to visually represent that sort of unrequited love in a world that seems like it should be sad, but the people are always happy and fine,” she said.

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