Transformers 4: The Wahlbergs Take Detroit

Author: Bobby Mitchell

Mark Wahlberg has been in Detroit filming Transformers 4 and told Jimmy Fallon how much he and his family love it here, and that his kids will also be appearing in the Michael Bay movie. Mark has four children between the ages of three and nine.

Mark said, “The kids came to the set.  It was the first time they were actually excited about me being in a movie, and they actually want to be in the movie, so I had to ask Michael Bay. I’m like, “Dude, can you put my kids in the movie?” So he gave them an impromptu audition…they’re all going to be in the movie.”

Stacey’s friend posted on Facebook that she walked right  by Mark and his family at Mass at Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills, and he told Fallon that he’s a fan of Slows Bar-B-Q.

Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer are also starring in Transformers 4, but we’ve had no word of sightings around town.  If you see them, let us know!


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