Eagles Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit were on hand Tuesday for a press briefing on the refurbishing of L.A.-area arena The Forum, which the band will reopen in January. The legendary concert and sports venue, which is being renovated by new owners Madison Square Garden in a $76.5 million makeover, will get a new life as an entertainment-only facility. Three shows by the Eagles on January 15th through 17th will open the new facility, which will seat 17,500 for large shows, but will also be convertible into an 8,000 seater.

Currently on their “History of the Eagles Tour”, the band has plenty of history at the venue. They recorded their three shows there in 1976 for their Eagles Live album; were accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra during their “Hotel California” tour in ’77; played four more shows there on 1980’s “The Long Run” tour and played Don Henley’s “Recording Artists Coalition” benefit in 2002.

During the briefing, manager Irving Azoff said that he and Frey held six season Lakers tickets there during the basketball team’s “showtime” years, while bassist Schmit remembered going there with Frey to see his first hockey game ever and playing there as an opening act with his previous band, Poco. Walsh, on the other hand, brought up the fabled Forum Club, where artists and celebrities rubbed elbows after shows — sometimes for longer than they should have.

Eagles singer-guitarist Joe Walsh shares a non-memory of the Forum Club.

” I spent a couple of days in the Forum Club one night. I don’t remember a lot about it, but everybody says I had a really good time.”

Frey shared his thoughts about the remodeling the Forum is currently undergoing.

“It always was a great place to play, but now it’s gonna be the great place to play. I have no doubt it will become the preeminent venue in North America. And other big cities are going to look at this and go, ‘I wonder if we should do something like this.'”

Although located in L.A. County, the Forum is actually in the city of Inglewood, whose mayor said the venue would bring hundreds of new jobs to the area.

The Eagles bring their tour to the Palace of Auburn Hills September 21st.